Keeping Fashion Hair Color

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You cannot add color explicitly to the hair if you do have black hair. To obtain saturated, vibrant color, the hair should first be lightened. This ensures that you’ll have to dye or bleach the hair, which could be damaging. Know that the longer the hair is, the further it would need to get lightened. If you already have a blondish hair look, you would undoubtedly have to brighten it up, although not as badly as if you actually had black hair.

It is essential to lighten the hair prior to applying color to achieve the desired color effects. If the hair isn’t really appropriately lightened or it will impact the overall product and how the color will disappear. Hair that has not been lightened sufficiently can hold brassy tones that will display through the color. This would be particularly visible if you’re going for an ashy look like bronze or lavender. The hue can have a bright yellow tint to it.

Fashion Colors Disappear Fast

Fashion hair colors are not permanent and eventually fall away with each wash of the hair. Dark-colored shades stay longer than pastel shades, and some colors, particularly red & green, can stain the hair before you trim it off.

Since vibrant colors disappear quickly, you might need to see the salon more frequently to maintain your hair to look more vibrant and newer. The elevated amount of salon visits could be detrimental to the hair, however in parallel to seeing a hair dresser who recognizes how to maintain your hair safe, and you could integrate the following suggestions into your hair care routine and keep hair dye color fresh:

Keeping Fashion Hair Color

Tips to keeping fashion hair color are under:

  • Use Cold Water to Wash the Hair

Hot water exposes the top layer of the scalp, and since fashion colors rest on top of the head, bathing with warm water causes the color to clean off quickly.

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  • Minimize the Washes

Washing often will hasten the fading phase, so grab any dry shampoo to help you across your no-wash times somehow. It will surely help protect color-treated hair.

  • Protect the Hair from The Sun

If you are spending a lot of time in the heat, consider adding a cap and investing in a UV-protective lotion or rub any conditioner. The sun will harm the hair, much as it can to your eyes, which can trigger the hair color to disappear easily. You can see your hairdresser more often in the summers to catch up with the heat. However, you could look ahead to the shortened days or lesser sunshine of winter to better preserve the color during travels