Five-Minute Mommy Makeup Routine

Applying Color to The Lips

To achieve a 5-minute makeup look is indeed the need of the hour, and realizing how to learn a 5-minute makeup routine could be a mommy’s hidden weapon. Especially if you like or adore hair, fashion, and testing on new styles, there are certain occasions you really can’t be motivated to apply a whole face of makeup.  Fortunately, there is indeed a way to obtain a flawless, radiant look without needing to adopt several different stages, and it only requires the right ingredients (and maybe a little training!). If you’re off to work, classes, or just heading out to do a quick grocery shopping, adopting these quick tips will allow you to look incredible without wasting time. Let’s jump in to learn five-minute mommy makeup routine!

Tips for Five-Minute Mommy Makeup Routine

Follow the tips to do your makeup in 5 minutes:

  • Aim for Multi-Purpose Items

Applying multi-purpose beauty items is the perfect solution for a mommy. Using blush as well as the bronzer is among the most straightforward yet most powerful methods to help you appear more alive by adding a stunning contrast.

makeup look

Similar to base, gel or liquid formulations prove to be simpler to mix. If you have patience, you should add both the blush as well as bronzer, so if you are in a hurry, adding one or the other would do the job.

  • Aim for Glow

A little brushing of highlighter could go a fair distance. Using a tiny bit of glow will alter the skin and help it to appear like you attempted a lot harder than you otherwise did! There seem to be many types of highlighters around here with various formulations and skin colors that they complement. When you pick your favorite, add a little more to prominent spots of the face that involves the cheeks, base of the nose, as well as upper lip. If you like to apply a little more gloss, swipe it over your eyelids too.

  • Wrap Up with A Mascara

Mascara is a necessity for many of us. If you are short of time, choose one that conveniently adds thickness and length (you don’t even have to add many layers). Every commodity on the market will suffice. This item adds bulk and length without becoming clumpy, and it could be coated for a much more impressive presentation.  Furthermore, it would not smudge the whole day (fantastic!).

  • Finish the Look by Applying Color to The Lips

Lastly, lip color is an excellent way to combine every makeup look. As formerly stated, use the cheek color on the lips for a simple rinse of color. Just use it in the early hours, place it in the purse, and then enjoy your day without any tension.