Hey, Friend.

Let’s talk about you and me together really fast- that’s why we’re both here.

Let me introduce myself. ​

My name is Lauren, and I love letters. I’m Virginia made, born and raised. That super happy face you see back there (because I'll always shoot you straight) is probably one of the only uncharacteristically decent photos of me in existence. Somehow my friend Brooke Waldroup Photography always manages to catch me at my best. I am a preferred calligraphy / stationery vendor for the Historic Post Office in Downtown Hamption, VA.

And like usual, I want to spill my guts to you.

I operate under just plain old Lauren Nicholson, for now. But I want to tell you the story of how I created my *it’s-almost-just-give-me-a-few-more-months* legitimate brand, the Virginia Handwriting Co.

​New Year’s Eve 2016 I got engaged to a total, smokin’ hot babe named Ben. When I said yes, I instantly knew that I wanted to make my wedding a gorgeous scenery of greenery and customize as much as possible on my budget. So…I did what every woman circa the last ten years with the internet would do: I went to Pinterest and Instagram.

I came across a series of accounts that labeled themselves as “hand letterers.” Cue mass excitement and determination. I thought it was going to be a piece of sweet ‘ol wedding cake. Nope. So wrong.

Months, ideas, sweat, panic, practice, patience, tears and emotions later, I am a very happily married, modern calligrapher and stationery designer who could not be more proud to use what I’ve learned to create weddings for other brides who want the same things I did. Because everything happens for a reason, I truly believe that, I have been super fortunate  to create what I call my “redemption weddings” (let’s be honest I was a newbie and my stationery was….um…yeah.) for brides just like me who want the custom lettered elements.

Cue the Virginia Handwriting Co. on Instagram. It’s only my handle for now, but believe that I have big plans for this little hustle. Yes, Lauren Nicholson + the VAHCO are synonymous. Just know if you see either of those names, it’s definitely me and I am definitely ready to hook you up with letters.

That being said..

I LOVE the stationery and decor side of the wedding industry: Custom design is not my full time day job but it’s my full time dream job. It’s my passion to bring your ideas to life. I create and design these and so many more things for brides that make my heart so full, you know?

​I LOVE to teach:  if you’re anything like me (and let's be real, you probably are-that’s why we get along so well) then you want to get your own hustle on in your creative visions.  I GET YOU. I teach workshops which you should totally come to- I have snacks there.

The more opportunities I have to teach and create, the more my abilities grow and prosper.

Thank you to the moon for hearing me out- because I know if you’re as determined as I am, you can find that creative passion that I KNOW you have. I can’t wait to show you all about how you can definitely do this too, if you want. AND, the best part.. let’s do it together, yeah?

Can’t freakin’ wait to meet you,



Virginia, USA